Trial Games at Strathfield FC

Here at Strathfield FC, we are fortunate enough to have access to two synthetic, all weather fields, during the month of March, for the purpose of hosting trial games.

Please note: Trial games will be allocated to Saturdays or Sundays only, no week nights are available during March.

Please also note:  A Referee MUST be appointed to each trial game (No Ref = No Game).  Please understand, before submitting a request for a trial game, that the Referee's fees will be shared between the two competing teams, and must be paid prior to the game commencing.

IMPORTANT:  Any Player, Coach or Manager that participates in any trial game MUST BE REGISTERED to play.  Any unregistered people can not participate in any trial game.

Strathfield FC Teams

Trial games are not compulsory for any Strathfield FC team, however, if you're part of Strathfield FC, and would like us to try and organise a trial game for your team, please fill out the request form below.  Please be aware that depending on the demand, your team may not be allocated more than one trial game, during this pre-season period.  The request form (below) should be filled in and submitted in February.

If you organise your own trial game at another ground, against opposition outside of Strathfield FC, but, from within our Association (CDSFA), please make contact with our trial game coordinator ( with all the game details, so they can complete the appropriate paperwork in order to get your game sanctioned.

If you are playing outside of the Canterbury District (CDFSA), then the club hosting you will need to complete the appropriate Football NSW Sanction Form and firstly submit through their association who in turn need to get it signed off by CDSFA.

The sanctioning of all trial games must be completed well before the game is played, so that the event is covered by insurance.

Visiting Clubs requesting Trial Games

Strathfield FC welcome any request from visiting clubs wanting a pre-season trial games, in March.

Please note that Club Committee members should be the ones to make contact with us, not individual teams.

Please note:  If you are a visiting club, further to sharing the Referee's fees with your opposing team, there is also a $55 participation fee, per game, which will need to be paid prior to your game commencing.

All requests from visiting Clubs need to be submitted in February.

Unfortunately, Strathfield FC will not be in a position to confirm any trial games until our teams have been formed and locked in, which is normally towards the end of February, so we will only be able to confirm your trial games when that time comes.

Please fill out the form below
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