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Sunday 2nd June, 2024

Rain? What Rain. Games are on today! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️Strathfield Park Field 1 and 2 are open today. Grass field 3 is closed.Just be careful on the surrounding paths. ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday 1st June, 2024

Before the rains came, we got to witness this piece of Magic ✨ ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday 1st June, 2024

Strathfield Park is closed for the rest of the day. Even our All Weather pitches couldn’t keep up with the rain. Strathfield park 3 is closed for Sunday. We will provide an update tomorrow morning for Field 1 and Field 2 ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday 26th May, 2024

🚨 Important Notice 🚨 Last week we sent all our members correspondence via Dribl about important changes affecting our club. We have just sent another email this afternoon. Strength in numbers ⚽️⚽️⚽️ ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday 26th May, 2024

What a great team goal this was! ... See MoreSee Less

Our Life Members

  Joe Cremona  Stephen O’Keefe
  Tony D’Agruma  Bev Park
  Nicola Di Michael  Peter Smith
  Bob Duckitt  Ron Smith
  Michael Houvardis  John Trommestaad
  Nick Mavroukis  Lucy Trommestaad
  Gabbie McDonald  Tony Amyouni
  George McDonald  Robert Craig
  Paul Morant  Fabian Romero
  George Khoury  Brett Jackson
  Matthew Frater  Anthony D’Agruma
  Chris Virgona  Marina D’Agruma
  Rick Herro  Praveen Jayaseelan
  Peter Georgopoulos  

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Winning Teams & Club Awards

2023 Premiership Winning Teams

Under 13, Div 5
Under 14, Div 3
All Age, Div 2A
All Age, Div 5A
All Age, Div 6C
All Age, Div 10
All Age, Div 15B
All Age Sunday, Div 2A
Over 45 , Div 2A

2023 Club Awards

Strathfield FC, Club Person of the Year

Amber Krebs 

"Tony D’Agruma Award" Sportsman of the Year

Zion Tafeuni (14/1 Team)

"Eric Husted Award" Goalie of the Year

Riley Campton (14/3 Team)

"Paul Zammit Award", Best Goal Average (Non Competitive)

8/4 team (+48 Goals)

"Bill Boyce Award", Best Goal Average (Competitive)

14Girls/3 Team (+52 Goals)

“Cec Barlow Award” (Volunteer Recognition)

 Michael Vertsonis